Saturday, July 27, 2013

Visit By Tokki and Wanummi to Glasgow July 2013

Tokki and Wanummi went to Glasgow, UK last 14 July waiting for the delivery of a new born baby from auntie Nusayba.On 23 July the baby was born at 2.41pm at Princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow . My cousin weighing 3.16kg is a new addition to Tokki, ninth grandchild, Last month was my brother Ishaq, the 8th and insyaAllah the 10th will be in next month probably after the Eid Fitri celebration. Tokki will be back tomorrow 28 July but Wanummi will only return  to Malaysia after 12 August after Eid Fitri.
On  20 July.last week our  Bibit who had served us for more than 7 years went back for good to Indonesia. Her departure has left the house not in a good state. A lot of chores are now left unattended.One day we hope we will meet her again.

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