Sunday, September 4, 2011

My second trip to London July 2011

Picking strawberry at a fruit farm on the way to Oxford.

Bicester Shopping Center

Model Village at Isle of Wight, south of Southampton

Merry Go Round at Kensington Park

Infront of Buckingham Palace

The trip was planned middle of last year when my auntie Nusayba informed of her Convocation date to be 18 July 2011. Mummy got excited to attend the Convo and decided that all of us will go for the trip. For me it is my second trip to London. Earlier trip was with Tokki and Wanummi and we went to London then Geneva where we stayed for few days and Geneva was our base. From there we travelled to other places in France, Germany and also Milan,Italy .That time it was winter Dec 2009 and I enjoyed the heavy snow. But this time summer, only in London because it will be a big team 4 adults and 4 children.Uncle Che Adz came back from Dublin for Auntie Nusayba wedding and followed us back to London before his enroute back to Dublin.The date was 15 July 2011 and back on 25 July arriving 26 afternoon. So a total of 10 days were spent in London. We traveled by Air Asia this time and the flight was at 3.30pm. We arrived at about 6.30pm London time on the same day. Going through a long queue at the immigration, we came out of the airport around 9.30pm and by the time Tokki went to hire the van at Hertz, it was about 11pm that we get into the car and headed to the apartment. Auntie Sayba and Uncle Che Mus were there to receive us.
( to be continued.)