Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eidil Adha in Geneva Jan 2010

Eidil Adha or Hari raya Qurban fell on 1 Jan 2010 which was a friday. Che Mus and Tokki went to pray Jumaat prayer at the Geneva mosque. It was drizzling, the sign of rahmat from the Creator.The khutbah was about jihad and its demand from the muslim. In the afternoon we spent sometime going around in Geneva downtown until dark in the night.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Touring Europe

In the 11 km Mt Blanc Tunnel to Milan
Children practising to ski at Charmonix Mt Blanc
At Charmonix with Che Adz
At Montreux, Swiss
at the garden in Geneva Downtown
It all started when Tokki planned to retire at the end of last year 2009. I was talking about snowman and very much would like to play with snow. Che 'Adz also wanted to visit Geneva during the winter holiday. Taking both requirements together Tokki planned the whole trip for all my uncles Che Mus and Che 'Adz and my auntyChe Sayba who are presently studying in UK and Ireland.
On 24th Dec, me ,Tokki and Wanummi took Mas flight to London and stayed one night at Che Mus place. On 26th Dec, together with Che Adz and Che Sayba, we will fly to Geneva. Che Mus is supposed to join us in Geneva since he will fly from Glasgow after his winter gathering. So we did as per the plan.We arrived in London at 4.50pm and Che Adz was waiting at the airport arriving from Dublin. We were joined by Che Sayba and also Auntie Qanitah and her friend Nadirah and also Auntie Nadia. There are 5 family related aunties and uncles studying in UK and Ireland. We flew to Geneva arriving at 3pm and Tokki rented Ford Galaxy with GPS we were able to arrive at the service apartment, Citea Pervessin Moens, in France.It was a service apartment with 3 bedrooms , a living room and a kitchen. The next day we went to Charmonix-Mt Blanc and Che Adz went back the next day 28th since he has exam to prepare. The next day we went to Zurich and on the way stopped at the Bally Outlet. Wanummi and Che Sayba bought a pair of shoes each. We came back late at night. The next day we went to Interlaken to see the beautiful scenic view of the lake up in the mountain.There the famous Shilton restuarant and hotel where the James Bond film took place. There is a special train that went up to the mountain . The next day we went to Milan through the famous 11 km tunnel from Charmonix through the Mt Blanc to arrive the other side in Italy.
to be continued