Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Spelling Bee Competition

Spelling Bee Competition organised by UiTM Dentistry Faculty was held 28th Sept at their premise in Sg Buloh. My school Al Amin Tropicana School sent 4 participants and we achieved 2nd and 3rd place. Our collegue  'Aidah Fatini from Standard 4  obtained 2nd place and I received 3rd place, Alhamdulillah. Please refer to AATS facebook for further detail

Friday, October 9, 2015

Al Amin Tropicana School

The School was established early this year at Sg Buloh about 20 minutes from where I stay. It is owned by Pusat Pendidikan Al Amin Berhad where the Chairman is my Tokki.I used to go to Shah Alam for my year 3 together with my sister Safwa and Zahara who was at year 1. In this school our medium is in english and one of the Co curriculum is Robotic and swimming class. I enjoy doing Robotic, Our school won 2nd place in the Robotic competition. A commendable achievement for a less than one year school.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Visit By Tokki and Wanummi at Reading 2014

Tokki and Wanummi made a visit to Reading to stay at uncle Mus'ab and auntie Wan Maisarah and also cousin Muhammad from 31 Dec 2013 till 13 Jan 2014.Uncle Mu'az  from Dublin and auntie Nusayba came down from Glasgow with Hamzah and nanny Hajar.Tokki made a visit to his friend house Azman Rashid  in London for a dinner. Uncle Musab bought a secondhand car Honda Jazz at Zaki Motor in Hounslow .the car is more than 3 years old at GBP 6,600.Both uncle Muaz and Nusayba went to renew their pasports at the Malaysian Embassy,

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Visit By Tokki and Wanummi to Glasgow July 2013

Tokki and Wanummi went to Glasgow, UK last 14 July waiting for the delivery of a new born baby from auntie Nusayba.On 23 July the baby was born at 2.41pm at Princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow . My cousin weighing 3.16kg is a new addition to Tokki, ninth grandchild, Last month was my brother Ishaq, the 8th and insyaAllah the 10th will be in next month probably after the Eid Fitri celebration. Tokki will be back tomorrow 28 July but Wanummi will only return  to Malaysia after 12 August after Eid Fitri.
On  20 July.last week our  Bibit who had served us for more than 7 years went back for good to Indonesia. Her departure has left the house not in a good state. A lot of chores are now left unattended.One day we hope we will meet her again.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My first semester holiday 2013

My first semester holiday started last friday with my exam result received last saturday. Mami accompanied to receive the result.My year 2 results are  as follows  Subject
BM Pemahaman 84 B+: Penulisan 85A : Ejaan & Rencana 90A+: English 1 78B+: English 2  68 B: Spelling & Dictation 80 B+: Science 90 A+; Mathematics 96 A+: ICT 94 A+: Islamic Studies 90 A+: Arabic 95 A+: Imlak 60 B Total  Average 84.17
While my sister Safwa ,year 2  results are as follows
BM Pemahaman 84 B+: Penulisan 79 B+: Ejaan & Rencana 92 A+: English 1 70 B: English 2 62 B: Spelling & Dictation 82 B+: Science 56 C+: Mathematics 79 B+: ICT 100 A+: Islamic Studies 82 B+: Arabic 98 A+: Imlak 95 A+ : Total Average 81.58
Next month we are moving to a new school somewhere in Shah Alam.
That afternoon we went to Mydin to buy some items for Bibit to bring back to Indonesia since she is going back in July may be for good or maybe she will come back. We pray she will return because she has been a very good Bibit for more than 7 years already living with us. Tokki bought watches for everypne of us and I requested a waterproof watch. Today we went to the FRIM forest at Kepong. We had an enjoyable and memorable outing.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Walimatul Urus of Tengku Amatullah Qanitah

On 1 January 2013 was the reception of the wedding of my auntie Tengku Amatullah Qanitah binti Tengku Mohamad and her spouse Luqman Basyar bin Wan Hasamudin. The reception took place at Dewan Puspanita , Precint 10, Putrajaya. It started at 12.00pm and finished at 4.30pm. Many of the relatives came to celebrate and graced the occasion.My sisters and cousin Sara were the usual forerunner as the bride and bridegroom walked into the hall.We prayed that both live  happy ever after.

Friday, December 21, 2012

My new cousin Muhammad Mus'ab born 8 Nov 2012

On 8 Nov 2012 my new cousin Muhammad Mus'ab was born at Airedale Hospital, Keighley, Bradford,UK. He was 3.03kg and his mother auntie Wan Maisarah was in good condition after delivery.They stayed 2 nights at the hospital which is 10 minutes from their apartment.Both my Tokki and Wanummi was ther to receive Muhammad. Both Tokki adn Wanummi went to UK on 5 Nov arriving on 6. It was informed that both uncle Mus'ab and auntie Wan Maisarah were at Manchester airport to receive them.After a week Muhammad head was shaven by Tokki.